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In their words

I love what you’ve done with my website copy so I’m sure I will need you again in the future!

Lisa Pardo | Owner | Pretty Pantry Labels

The Task

Write SEO copywriting for Pretty Pantry Labels ‘Home’ and ‘About’ website pages, as well as product descriptions for Spice Jar Labels, Pantry Labels and Home Organisation Labels.

*Please note that the layout of the copywriting for this project was altered by the client after handover. It’s been broken up and used across different pages that weren’t in scope.


Pretty Pantry Labels helps turn chaotic kitchens into organised bliss with long-lasting vinyl labels for all types of pantry, kitchen and laundry containers. Lisa Pardo, the chief organiser and owner of Pretty Pantry Labels, asked me to help boost her website with professional copywriting that was engaging and that told stories that her ideal clients would relate too (like unsightly and peeling labels, or dinner disasters where you’ve used chilli powder instead of paprika – oh no!).

Something cool

I loved writing the copy for this project because I’m the target audience! I’m a busy mum with two young kids and my pantry – well let’s not go there. Needless to say, I was inspired to get off my butt and start organising my own kitchen.

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