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Our Digital Support Process


We partner with our clients and what this means is we work together. You'll always feel like you're a part of the journey. Never another number. Never out in the cold. And always supported to keep moving forward toward your goals.

Here's how it goes

5 easy steps to achieving your goals

1. Quick chat

We start with a quick phone chat where we'll talk about your business and what your goals are.

2. Proposal

We know every business is different. So, after our chat, we'll deliver a proposal tailored to your needs. It's here you'll find out about inclusions and costs.

2. Commencement invoice paid

Once you get all gooey with excitement over the proposal (which, I'm confident you will), and agree with some boring (but needed) fine print, I'll send you a commencement invoice.

Once it's paid - we can kick-off your onboarding and officially welcome you to Meridian Digital.

3. Welcome to Meridian Digital

Now the fun stuff starts! We'll send you an onboarding client questionnaire to fill in. To be fair, this is such an important first step towards a successful project and achieving your goals. The fun part is telling us all about your business, your ideal clients, how you help people and what you're hoping to achieve. Once you complete the questionnaire - we'll book your project in and get started. It's that easy. 

4. Working, working, working

It's all happenin' now!

You sit back with a cuppa and relax while we get to work on your project. The specific steps involved will depend on your project and whether your on a fixed price agreement or if you've engaged with us on a monthly basis (could this be any cruisier?).

Honestly, it's that EASY!

We're here to make every clients' digital business journey delightfully unique with positivity, passion, creative vision and valued long-term relationships. And, don't worry, you're kept in the loop. Every. Step. Of. The. Way.