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In their words

I was fortunate to meet Leeha through a mutual membership group where I was enamoured by her copywriting skills. I struggle with being able to use the right words to convey any sort of situation, let alone a website about me. The thought was terrifying. So, I met with Leeha where we discussed my needs and she was able to succinctly capture the tone, the look and feel and what I wanted to express about myself and how I can support future clients. The process was easy. Leeha made me feel valued and if I’m being completely honest, she made me feel safe. Having my face, my name and who I am on a website out in the big wide world seemed daunting and overwhelming – but Leeha was able to support me, lead me through the process and help me see my vision come to life. Leeha is a unicorn. Copywriting, Website designing and just such a nice down to earth person. I’ve worked with copy/designers before who have made me feel like crap – but Leeha’s energy, problem-solving, creative flair and ability to make me feel nurtured has been AMAZING. I would highly recommend Leeha for any website design and copy. Thanks, Leeha

Nichol Stark

The Task

Design an 11-page WordPress website, including a lead magnet ‘Thank You’ Page and a sales landing page for Nic’s mastermind. The design was to be less corporate, softer and more feminine but not ‘girly’. Nic was adamant that she wanted the copy to sound conversational and like she was ‘speaking through the website, using her own words’.


Nichol Stark is an intuitive life and business coach and a pretty amazing human – if you ask me! Nic’s my business coach and she’s undergone a massive transformation in the last few years. Her website no longer represented who she was, what her brand stood for or the services that she now offers. Together we’ve created a beautiful website that Nic feels truly aligned to. And, early feedback from her clients suggests they do as well.

Nic’s new website is visually appealing, easy to navigate and clearly articulates her value proposition.

Something cool

With Nic’s website, we didn’t include the stock standard navigation bar. Instead, we used an admin bar for a clear call to action and created a slide-in menu for navigation. The slide-in menu can’t be missed, so it doesn’t detract from the user experience. In fact, it follows the user down the page and it presents a point of difference as an interactive element.

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