How to optimise your blog posts for SEO

How to optimise your blog post for SEO

If you follow me on social media, you would’ve heard me crow on about how blogging is good for SEO and business. But, you won’t reap the benefits unless you know how to optimise your blog posts for SEO.  The benefits of blogging for your business Before we launch into how to optimise your blog…

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Voice of Customer (VoC) Research: Why it’s a gold mine!

Voice of Customer Data

The key to just about everything in business is knowing and understanding your ideal customer or client. And, when you’re writing copy for your website, emails, socials and any other form of marketing this is particularly true. With that in mind, let me talk to you about Voice of Customer (VoC) survey’s and interviews and…

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The Easy Guide to Finding Your Brand Voice

Easy Guide To Finding Your Brand Voice

I received a fabulous compliment from a client recently about my brand voice. When I brief clients, I always ask how they’d like their copy to feel and sound. Jenna’s* reply was that she’d like it to sound similar to the copy on my website. She got a sense of trust and she felt like…

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Is a Copywriter Worth the Investment?

Is A Copywriter Worth The Investment_

If you’ve never worked with a copywriter you might find yourself thinking…  ‘I know my business best, why would I hire someone else to write about it?”I don’t need fancy words, I need customers”I can write, I’ll do it myself and save money ‘Of course, you’re going to tell me hiring a copywriter is worth the…

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